We have seen some fantastic results regarding concentration. The child is more more present. When we talk to her, she pays attention. She watches cartoons on TV, which she never did before. We are so pleased and so grateful.
Manuela, mother of Sara

My daughter Giulia has been using Norwegian Fish Oil for two months now. Already after a few days her freequent stomach rumbling disappeared. Giulia now pays more attention, is more reactive and sociable. I am very happy.
Federica, mother of Giulia

I want to thank you. My twin girls, both affected by Rett syndrome, are doing fine. We went to see dr Hayek in Siena and he was pleased to see them in a better condition. Anna has started saying mamma (she says it when she is a bit angry, but she says it)! I think the Norwegian Fish Oil is good for them, together with all the work that we do for them every day.
Manuela, mother of two girls with Rett syndrom.

I would like to share with you that my daughter Giorgia is four years old and has been taking Norwegian Fish Oil for approximately a year and a half. Thank heavens for the recommendation by Dr. Hayek in Siena.
I can inform that her eye expression, her attention and her movements have improved, although it almost makes me fear that by writing this I break an enchantment. For about six months, Giorgia has been walking with a wooden walker, and for the last month or so she has been able to make a few meters on her own. She is also more present, and even though she doesn?t speak, I can see that she is trying to communicate by making sounds.
For the records I must add that she gets physiotherapy three times a week, once a week we take her to the pool, once a week communication training and twice a week therapeutic horseriding thanks to her grandparents.
Mario Gallo, father of Giorgia

update, Gloria:
Gloria is now close to five years old and has been taking the Norwegian Fish Oil Liquid Omega-3 since she was two and a half. She can now walk on her own and make a distance of approximately 20 meters. When held by one hand, she gets up from the sofa. She lets us know that she recognizes some favorite songs from the radio. Her attention and emotional contact have improved, which has also been noticed by her physiotherapist, her kindergarten teacher and the person who follows up her speech training. In the evenings she hurries towards mum or dad.
Mario Gallo, father of Giorgia

I wish to inform you that the effect of the oil on my daughter is fantastic. My little one is much better, and her way of responding has improved greatly.
Alessia C

I bought your liquid Omega-3 fish oil as suggested by a friend, and I have started giving it to my daughter, who is ten years old and who is a slow learner. I must say that recently my daughter has shown noticeable signs of improvement, which also her teachers have remarked. I am obviously very happy.
Myriam C, Torino

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